Case Studies

Transforming the Business

Moving from a decentralized to a centralized service support model in a highly matrixed organization for multiple global businesses proved to be quite a challenge for finance employees in this Fortune 500 health care company.

The leader of this financial center contacted us to work in collaboration with her executive team to reassess the environment, develop a new vision and strategic plan for the center and invite employees to think creatively about the way in which they worked to achieve their goals.

The impact of our work was assessed in two ways: through the results of their employee engagement survey and increased effectiveness/efficiency of individual and team efforts. Engagement scores rose by as much as 50% in some sections of the survey and work efficiencies increased by almost 40% while decreasing by an average of 30% in ‘misaligned areas’ across the center’s six teams.

Developing High-Potential Leaders

For one particular high-growth pharmaceutical company, after launching a blockbuster drug that catapulted it up the performance curve, it was clear that senior leaders would need to focus more on critical strategic issues than on daily operational challenges to build on their success in the marketplace.

The head of Learning & Development chose to partner with us to design and facilitate an Action Learning Program that could create cross-functional opportunities for emerging leaders to come together around critical strategic issues and drive sustainable change for the business.

The impact of this experience has been felt at the individual, team, and organizational levels: strategic alignment has been sustained through a rigorous planning and review cycle, teams have reached across boundaries and now collaborate around critical strategic issues, and participating leaders are thinking differently about how to more effectively balance short- and long-term priorities.